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Our Dayton Chiropractor Staff Can Help You or Your Loved One Recover from an Auto Injury Naturally

Thousands of Americans are involved in car accidents every day. Even minor ones can result in an injury that can disrupt a person's daily life and function. Our Dayton chiropractor team offers several natural solutions to auto accident injuries that are safe for you or anyone else in your family. 

Auto accident injury.

Common Injuries Sustained in Car Accidents

From fender benders to major crashes, car accidents can lead to a variety of injuries. Here are a few of the most common we see at Integrative Health & Sports Performance:

  • Joint dislocations, especially in the shoulder, spine, and hip
  • Muscle strains 
  • Vertebral bone fractures
  • Whiplash
  • Dashboard knee (impact trauma)
  • Sciatica and other types of nerve impingement
  • Disc herniation

Think you're fine after your recent car accident because you were able to walk away without any pain? We're glad your accident wasn't more serious, but it's important to realize that many auto accident injuries don't start to rear their heads (that is, reveal symptoms) until days, weeks, or sometimes months following the incident. This is because your flight-or-fight hormones like adrenaline surge during trauma and can take a while to return to their normal level—in the meantime, they can mask pain and symptoms of inflammation and tissue damage. 

How Our Chiropractor in Dayton, OH Treats Car Accident Injury

We'll provide you with natural care in a calming environment when you come see us for help with your car accident injury—anything we can do to ease your mind in the wake of a stressful life event. The following services have been particularly effective for people who have been in auto accidents:

  • Chiropractic adjustments - realign the spine and trigger pain relief by stimulating the release of innate analgesics like dopamine
  • Massage therapy and active release technique - stimulate circulation, relax muscle spasms (which are often stuck in reflexive guarding states after trauma), and relieve tension and adhesions in fascia and other connective tissues
  • Cold laser therapy - enhance cellular metabolism and repair in tissues beneath the skin using non-thermal, low energy light 
  • Corrective exercises - facilitate healing "muscle pump" action to reduce swelling and inflammation and eventually restore normal mobility, strength, and endurance of involved muscles

Get Drug-Free Relief from Your Injury with our Dayton Chiropractor Team

Don't let a road incident hold you back. Contact our Dayton chiropractor team at 937-848-8500 to schedule an appointment and get back on the road to physical and mental wellness after your auto accident.

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